Thursday, 4 December 2014

The Demise Of Human Resources Departments

Human Resources Departments will very soon, be a thing of the past. They will cease to function, viably, at their current level. This is the 'age of the page' and  'don't need to think when you can link'. Companies are looking to hire one person who is able to take care of their business by building a website and driving traffic to it. This takes up a lot less space than a whole marketing department whilst eliminating the Human Resources Department would and costs so much less, leaving money to invest in the business.
 Money wisely invested in IT can bring very high returns. Rather than paying for traditional advertising in newspapers and via agencies a company can, quickly and easily put a blog together with very few technical skills if any. Requirements for prospective employees can, then, be listed on this. It is, now, simply a matter of putting the blog in relevant forums and newsgroups. This can be carried out by an independent marketer for as little as £250 whereas in the old days, of not so long ago, this would have been a matter of taking out a full page ad in a newspaper, costing £2,000 or paying an even higher fee to an agency.

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Excellent Places For Finding Prospective Clients.

I went to a Meetup event in London last night. Everyone was raring to go and get their cards out there and connect with a roomful of prospective clients. I spoke to a very interesting lady who does alternative therapies. As well as being an all round practitioner she teaches her skills so two businesses in one. I suggested that she starts to blog about her experiences with clients and how they respond to treatment. At first she was hesitant to do this. I suggested that after a year or so of daily blogging she turns the content of her blog into a book. She said, 'That is not how to write a book and what if some of my clients recognise themselves?'. I then said, 'Then get their permission and ask them if they want to promote whatever it is that they do'. At last the light came on.
 I spoke to a young man who calls himself a 'Silver Investor'. He showed me a silver dollar and told me that he had bought it for a considerable amount via an MLM company. Well, different strokes for different folks. I asked him for how much he would be prepared to sell his dollar. He said he was not selling at this time and had to check the prices of silver on the stock exchange via the company website of his MLM operation.
 I met a couple of young men who have their offices in Canary Wharf, London's business district. They were dealing in websites/ established online businesses and gave the impression that they are doing very well thank you.
 There was a young man who sells storage space in the cloud as well as IT Services and Solutions Configuration. The list goes on.
  Over the length and breadth of the room there were roughly 200 enthusiastic, positive minded, people. I would love to have been able to get around all of them. I, now, know why  speed 'dating' has been cloned onto the business world.

Discovering How To Connect With Potential Clients

Attending Meetups and Seminars are great methods for connecting with potential clients and meeting like minded individuals as well as companies. Regardless of your niche or genre being one of many people under one roof definitely increases one's chances of finding a perfect match either as a JV partner or a client.
 You never know who is in the room. Venture Capitalists go to these events to find new businesses in which to invest. Many of the organisers allow, and encourage, attendees to present their business or investment requirements to the wider audience. In many cases it is just a matter of keeping attending functions and making presentations or talking to individuals. Eventually the right connection will be made.

Monday, 1 December 2014

The Ability To, Skilfully, Practise Your Craft And Manifest Your In/Outcome.

There are as many levels of ability as there are skill sets. It is most important that one practises, in one's field, at the highest level of competence. It is never enough to perform one's professed craft at a level lower than that at which a prospective client has been led to expect. It is less than enough to attempt a task which would have been better left for a more experienced person then say, 'Oh, well, at least I attempted it!'. That is courting trouble and flirting with prospective long term problems.
 Skilful practise is called upon in all  matters whether it be in a Reiki practice or a Google Plus Pages Consultancy. In the world of Reiki one aspires to a reputation as a gifted healer and, therefore, works towards learning the relevant techniques such as mantra and yantra which will prepare one for one's chosen career. In a Google Plus Pages Consultancy one would have acquainted oneself with techniques relevant to building blogs and Google Pages. Nothing can be left to chance. When one starts to practise one's chosen profession one is saying, ' I am an expert in my field. Call on me as and when you need me'.